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School Residencies

Since its construction, the Bardavon has existed not only as a superb performing arts venue, but also as a cultural and educational mentor and advocate for the community's youth. On the day after its opening performance on February 1, 1869, the theatre was pressed into service to host a bazaar for the benefit of the local orphanage. By laying temporary flooring over the tops of seats in the orchestra section, the hall was transformed into an indoor fairground.


Today, out of an overall audience of 120,000, the Bardavon serves some 40,000 children and teens annually with two special schoolday performance series and a broad-based arts-in-education residency program both at the Bardavon, Poughkeepsie and Ulster Performing Arts Center, Kingston.


Bardavon Education Programs

The Bardavon's Education Program/Daytime Performances was established nearly two decades ago. In 1985, artist residencies in local schools were introduced, with artist/student contact generally limited to one workshop session. Since then the Education Program has grown to encompass a wider age range of students (pre-school through college). The program expand substantially in terms of offering students in-depth exposure to multi-cultural and traditional artists through multi-day/week/month residencies, some culminating with student participation in the teaching artists' performances. Today, the New York State Learning Standards play a significant role in determining our programming for Young Audiences. The Bardavon Education Program workshops range from swing music for jazz band members in local high schools, to play writing with middle school students.


The concept behind the Bardavon's Daytime Performances series and the artist residency activities developed in conjunction with this program is that art is not a product. Rather, it is a process that evolves from what the artist brings to the stage to be enjoyed by youthful senses, minds and imaginations. In and of itself, the experience of attending a live performance is tremendously valuable. The artist-in-residence workshops that bring series performers directly into the classroom enable educators to take the process even further, making vital connections to curriculum, as well as to students' other academic and social needs. The Bardavon routinely reaches nearly 2,000 students with the residencies. We currently offer the following residency programs:

Night of the Big Bands
IABAS Traditional Brazilian Band
Arm of the Sea Theatre
Hip Hop Playback Theatre NYC


Bringing the Community to the Stage


The Bardavon/UPAC in-school residency program brings artists and local children together for one and two week residencies that culminate in performances on both the Bardavon and UPAC stages and in the community.


Thursday November 8, 2012 at 2pm at the Bardavon
Matinees and Music: Big Band Tribute. Features the Poughkeepsie High School Jazz Ensemble with the Tony Corbiscello Big Band.

Friday November 30, 2012 at 6:30pm in Poughkeepsie, NY
Celebration of Lights Parade & Fireworks. Features students from Morse School/Poughkeepsie with Arm-of-the-Sea Theater and students from Warring Academy, Krieger School/Poughkeepsie and Clinton School with Iabas Brazilian Band.

Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 7pm at the Bardavon
Hip Hop Theater. Features students from Poughkeepsie Middle School with Playback Theater NYC.


Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 7pm at the Bardavon
Circus Goes Green. Features students from Warring Academy with circus artist Sean Patrick Fagan.

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The Bardavon Opera House, Inc. is a non-profit, member-based organization. The 2009/10 Daytime Performance Series is made possible, in part, with public funds from the OJJDP\OJP\U.S.Dept. of Justice\Congressman Maurice Hinchey; National Endowment for the Arts; NYS Council on the Arts, a State Agency; NYS Legislature Member Item\Senator Stephen Saland; and The NYS Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers. Generous support is also received from the Dyson Foundation; Jane W. Nuhn Charitable Trust; Louis Greenspan Charitable Trust; Ann & Abe Effron Fund; Harold and Helen Ross Charitable Trust; Klock Foundation; Helen Graham Charitable Trust; the Dutchess County Arts Council, as a funded member; Poughkeepsie City School District; Target; Laidlaw Education Services; Wachovia; Rhinebeck Savings Bank; Bank of America; and Stewart’s Shops.




Hudson Valley Philharmonic Education Programs


From 1959 - 1976, Claude Monteux, the son of renowned conductor, Pierre Monteux, conducted the Hudson Valley Philharmonic. Under his direction, the HVP became a regional orchestra serving Ulster, Orange, Rockland, Columbia and Dutchess counties. The Young People's Concerts we offer today are a direct descendent of the Young People's Concert and in-school concerts and residencies introduced by Maestro Monteux.


In 1999, the Bardavon assumed the management and presentation of the region's symphony orchestra, the Hudson Valley Philharmonic . One of the orchestra's most important dimensions is its youth program, which pairs the Young People's Concert performance series with the Classroom to Concert artist-in-residence project. When we acquired HVP operations, one of our first priorities was to re-examine the education program with the consultation of The Julliard School, Lincoln Center Institute and New York Philharmonic Arts-In-Education specialists. This resulted in a dynamic new format that provides students with the opportunity to hear fine music played by a full orchestra, while relating the listening experience to academic and personal learning. We currently offer the following HVP residency programs:


* Julliard trained teaching artist
* Teachers workshops
* Student workshops


In-school assembly with HVP musicians


For School Residency detailed descriptions, click here


The Hudson Valley Philharmonic/Young People's Concert is presented each spring. The concert is presented in two different venues in two counties - Ulster and Dutchess. The Classroom to Concert Program is a great way to introduce students to the world of classical music. This program offers three phases;


* A teacher's workshop with a Julliard trained teaching artist, guiding teachers in how to use music in all areas of curriculum.
* A teaching artist visits the classroom, meeting with up to 50 students per session.
* Finally, students will attend a concert at one of the venues.


Both students and teachers who have taken part in the Classroom to Concert Program have found a much richer experience in the concert hall.


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